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Grinds my Gears

I've been getting a lot of questions pertaining to all the gyms/new gym in the area with questions such as "have you checked out the new gym?" or instead of questions.... I'd be told they are thinking about having 2 memberships at both gyms instead of going to just one. These are the questions and situations that have been brought to my attention and I will address them. I'm for anyone choosing to introduce health and fitness into their life as more than just a trend but a lifestyle. I haven't checked out the newly open gyms but I'm sure I will in the future due to people I work with. A newly open gym doesn't excite me, I understand that means more members that I can potentially work with but I'm not greedy, there is enough work to employ all the trainers in the area. Health is becoming the number one thing people want to improve due outrageous medical costs and co pays. Eventually if I feel I need to expand then I will but as of now, I aiming to improve my quality of training rather the quantity of how many people I'm training, I don't want to be ok or good at what I do but GREAT.

I don't want to necessarily be the best but feel I'm the best and with that said, it leads to the other comment people have brought to my attention... "I'm thinking about having 2 memberships at both gym instead of one". My #1 question is WHY? If you choose to stick with your previous gym then that tells me you are still happy with them or else you would of just left without maintaining your membership. Now we need to think of why you are still happy with the gym, that obviously means the good out weighs the bad so why leave it? Especially if you have established relationships, gotten results and maintained a solid schedule that has assisted you in achieving these results. Understand that in order to get results, you must be consistent so jumping around to different gyms is not going to help you get your results any quicker or at all. Consistency is key in anything you do. Also, you must consider what gym you are choosing to go to.... for example.... if you have weight loss goals and you choose to go to a gym that gives you tootsie rolls before and after your workout, pizza, donuts, etc. How is this gym helping you achieve your goals in anyway, they are only helping their pockets by encouraging you to eat unhealthy so you can remain in their gym. They want you to remain in that cycle so you stay with them, it's a brilliant strategy for them to maintain their money. To help secure this strategy, they will most likely have rules so they can maintain control of their members. Cheaper monthly gym payments mean more control and more control requires a solid structure. Those kind of gyms are the most dangerous so always read the fine print.

Now lets go back to the relationships you may have established at your previous gym, those relationships are most likely what helped you on your fitness journey so why would you leave that environment of good, positive people who care about you and your needs? Why go to another gym that only cares about their needs because lets face it... they're giving you pizza, donuts and tootsie rolls plus there are no personal trainers to even help put you on the right path but an inexperience fitness staff whom are only concerned about sales and/or going home. I feel putting yourself in that type of environment only sets you up for failure. I see it happen many times and as much as that person believes it won't happen to them... they didn't think gaining the excess weight would happen to them but it did. Those who live in my area, I'm sure will know what gym in particular that I'm talking about but I won't be stating the name of it because being in a gym is better than no gym UNLESS you have the guidance and/or discipline to do it at home. If you want the gym only for it's tanning or massages then I can understand that but don't expect a weight loss. I'm not saying all of this because I'm not against any gym, I'm just against false advertising. When you find a gym you like, especially one that cares about you and your fitness goals... honor them as they've honored you. Loyalty goes a long way and is always rewarded in the end.

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