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Wednesday night into Thursday morning it snowed, it felt great. Christmas is soon here and I can honestly say for the first time in a long time... I feel the Christmas spirit. To top it off, it snowed more on yesterday. I know in my heart I have my child to thank for the feeling that has overcome me. I still continue to work and workout especially since I now has someone depending on me but now I take time out to enjoy life's precious moments. Maybe this is that positive in me me exposing itself a little more, regardless... I couldn't be more happy. Now I will be successful with my family by my side and may family is all I need. When I say family, I also mean my friends who are close to me. I wish everyone would take the time out of their day to appreciate their life and what it had to offer. To many times, we roam around mad and ungrateful, blaming everyone but ourselves for our "let downs". I prefer to call it "let downs" because that means you can always get back up. I don't like using the word fail or failure because people generally attach only negative to it. I take vibes, feelings and mindsets extremely serious. Those 3 things are very important and change a persons life for the better or worse depending on if it's negative or positive. What is yours?

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