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I want to give a shout to one of the most dedicated people I know. She's a single mother, works over 40 hours a week in the medical field, goes to school and still manages to workout 4-5 days a week. She may not workout the common times that most people do but she gets it in and goes hard. She's an example that both males and females should follow and the drive we should have. Knowing how busy she is, she looks for ways to get EVERYTHING done that she NEEDS and WANTS. Normally people would come up with an excuse for not exercising... from I'm to busy to I'm not motivated. This woman is self motivated and driven to the max. I'm fortunate to have met her through my fitness career as personal trainer and blessed to now call her a friend. I remember when I first met her, she was leaving a Zumba class and weighed around the same as her before picture. I spoke to her about personal training services and she mentioned wanting to pursue a personal trainer but also mentioned financial issues. Financial issues is something I feel we all struggle with so in my opinion... she was full of excuses. I still didn't give up on her though, I gave her my card with hopes to see her again or possibly hear from her in the near future. My hopes were soon shattered because she no longer showed up at the gym. This wasn't a surprise to me, it's not uncommon for a member to come to the gym once and then disappear weeks to months at a time. After TO much time passed, I saw her again. I quickly pursued her because as we now know.... I may not see her again, especially with how fast she moved. Once she had a class, she was quickly in and as soon is was over then if you even blinked.... you'd miss seeing her leave the room. While pursing her, I made sure I got her contacts and mentioned my classes that I instruct. I not only mentioned the classes but followed up with her because I could tell she was passionate about getting healthier, she just needed to fit it into her schedule. When she became fed up with me bugging her, that's when she went all in. It was as if another person came outside of her but don't take my word for it, watch out for the next blog :)

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