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I'm at the doctor with the baby. I'm always thinking about my goal and the end result if achieving it. I look at it as my business (goal) is my baby and my baby (business) will help feed my baby. I make it so I live and breathe my goal. In my opinion that's the only way to envision your success before actually achieving it. Some people may see me as a dreamer but that's one of the first steps, then is action which I've already been taking. Every time I hear someone criticize someone another person because their goal seems impossible.... like a dream, I feel bad for the person who doesn't dream. Dreams are part of the process of being successful. Not all people are fortunate enough to experience this so I'm truly grateful for all that I've been exposed to that led me to this point in my life. This point is a stepping stone to a much high point in my life. This is just random thoughts that go through my head especially when I'm spacing out like I am now. Doctor appointments aren't always the most exciting places to be at lol.

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