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The sleep I got was AMAZING! I was in a nice warm room and on a comfortable queen size bed. Granted i didn't sleep long but it was longer than my previous 3 hours. As i stated to you all before, little sleep is a NO GO.. not only the fitness world but in general. We can't function to our fullest if we don't get a good amount of sleep. They say on average 8 hours, I honestly don't get the much but I feel having insomnia may play a big role. At the same time I'm only assuming I have insomnia because of my family history and symptoms that follow. It also may be that I've always went to sleep late and woken up early with minimum amount of sleep since I was a child. While growing up, it was only encouraged because I joined the military. This means another 10 years of my life consisted of little to no sleep. Now that I retired, it's as if my mind is set in its ways. The positive side of it all, at least I can sleep. Not everyone has that privilege, some such as my family members have to take pills in order to get their body to shut down. I'm grateful to be able to do this on my own without any assistance. With this said, I'm going for round 2... aiming for a 30 min nap. Wish me luck! :)

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