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I have been working from 10:15am until 9pm and had roughly 3 hours of sleep... I'm drained. I'm grateful to have had some sleep but I'm definitely going to make sure that I get more than I did last night. Luckily, I make detoxes and smoothies, all serving a different purpose but to help the body in one way or another. The one that helped me the most today was the Forever Fitness pre workout.... I'm still waiting for some sort of crash, though I did make another smoothie 5 hours after the first one. Even though I can stay up a little longer, I don't think I'll try my luck. Normally my blog post is a longer but my body is shutting down, which means my fingers aren't working that well when it comes to typing. I will write to you all in the morning and thank you for reading, you all could be doing something else but you chose to take the time to read my blog and for that I am grateful. Have a good night.

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