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Positive mindset

My phone's battery life recently dropped to zero, therefore shutting my phone off. I put my phone on the charger so I can turn it back on but to my surprise.... it turned on then shut down unexpectedly. Yes, I'm team Droid -_- I used to be team iPhone but they let me down. Now both teams are letting me down so I about to become a free agent lol. I'm telling you this story because of my previous post. Remember I spoke about waking up early and having a positive mindset etc. Having that kind of mindset allows me to evaluate the situation, let's do that! My phone shut off so I can't contact anyone and in my line a work, communication is a MUST. I now have to go to AT&T in hopes they can recover everything on my phone, more than likely the phone has a glitch so I may be getting it replaced. Many negative things about my phone messing up could poison my mind but guess what, having a positive mindset is the antidote. Having a positive mindset before something negative happens is a proactive way of handling a situation. Some of you may be asking how does this relate to health and fitness, it relate to it because it affects it. Health and fitness is deeper than just working out and eating right. If you research or talk to other people into health and fitness who are serious about the industry, you will find out that their thought process is more complex than picking up a weight and putting it down. More complex than eating a salad everyday for lunch, just because society promotes vegetables. You hear all the time that health and fitness is a lifestyle.... having a positive mindset is a lifestyle as well. The point to me telling you all of this, things could be worse. Be happy and keep a smile on your face, it's not the end of the world :)

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