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Another random thought

Being a dad isn't easy. I'm assuming since it's my 1st time having a child, it might be harder than I thought. Something that I thought was gonna be easy.... such as the doctor appointment I recently blogged about, well it was extremely hard for me. As an individual, we think It'll be a quick in and out visit but when it's your child then it's more complicated than that. Hearing the screams coming from my child was torture, to hear the fear killed me inside. To hear the one person you're doing all of this for, hurt... hurts. I love my child with all my heart and as I stated before, my business is my baby and it will feed my baby. This also means if you hurt my business then you hurt my child and if you hurt my child then I only become stronger. What I'm talking about may not make sense to some so I'll explain. Hurting my business such as taking money away from it, is no different from taking money away from my child. The reason is, the money my business makes helps put food on the table. Now I'm sure there are some asking how hurting my child will make me stronger? Well, what doesn't kill you... makes you stronger. Understand when i say hurt, i dont mean physically hurt my child because if that's the case... that strength becomes rage but that's a whole other topic. My child is apart of me, so experiencing that doctors visit helped change my perspective. I realized I hurt for more than just me which also means I must be strong for more than just one person, I need to be strong for my family. As I said before, these are just random thoughts that I'm sharing with you. Sometimes a random thought can help out a random person and if it does then this post was worth it.

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