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Good morning!

Good morning everyone! Fortunately I been up since 4:30am, I find times like these the best time of the day to work because my brain is well rested and I have a jump start on the day so none of those extra distractions. I know some may not agree with being up that early but like they say.... the early bird catches the worm. I truly believe that because some of my best ideas have been around these times but if you don't believe me then check it out! Google may not always be right but look up the legitimate sites with reputable resources and studies. The mind is clear and more relaxed in the morning, I feel that's why people normally sit at the table, eat their breakfast and think about their day, how it'll go. We are basically visualizing our day before it even happens and depending on your mentality, it can be visualized as a good day or a bad day. The way you visualize your day also dictates your mood for the day. It's funny how it works, some people don't actually realize but YOU set your mood for the day without you even knowing it. People sometimes state that I'm always happy and smiling, they notice on my Facebook timeline that I never post negative things and that whatever I post is always positive and uplifting. Lets think about this, why would I not smile.... I'm doing what I love. I have a roof over my head, food to eat and water to drink. I have everything I NEED to survive, not only that but I am blessed to have more. I am blessed with the power to give, physically and mentally. There are to many negative people and I feel they are the reason they aren't where they'd like to be in life, they have become their own obstacle. As I said.... funny right? Lets rewind back to the beginning, all of this stemming from waking up early. Think about it, better this over again.

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