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"My journey for better health started over 10 years ago when the Doctors warned me to get my health in control by me needing to take at least 50lbs off of which I weighed 250lbs off my stats high blood pressure which I still have will have to always take a pill for but my diabetes have a chance to be controlled with those 50lbs I needed off through me upon taking the weight off and exercise and healthier eating so I did that it took me two years of trying to adjust my life with programs first I went to weight watchers in areas before work it took a minute to eat right exercise and water I felt dizzy because my diabetes was out of control before the weight loss had began I hang in there and was monitored by weight watchers then the weight kick started and I started to lose little at a time plateau sometimes but kept showing up at my weight watchers meetings through all the people going through different things I made it pass plateau every time I ran into one I relocated and had some sad issues in my family and put the weight back on it was approximately 40 pounds I returned back on whew back to scratch I joined another program in my new location and vowed to aim for over 50 pounds I did it took two years of working out eating right exercise the program ended I thought I could continue my journey and I did just forgot some fundamental things put weight back on and started this journey with meeting Dwayne brother personal trainer and  instructor along with my ability to remember what I can eat and can’t eat it started there I was introduced to a certified health fitness person whom I joined on her weight loss foods which I followed until I merged with Dwayne keeping in mind things I remember and he incorporated his knowledge into my journey and this is where I am now looking forward to much health and fitness in the future"

"It’s been 5 weeks since I have started training under the tutelage (word of the day) of my amazing trainer Dwayne Martin and here are the first before and after pics. I cannot believe that this was me then and now after 5 weeks, he is an amazing trainer and such an amazing person. I have such a great time with him, he makes sweating your butt off fun so if you're looking for someone who is going to get you results like this and inspire you every day... ask for Dwayne Martin, he is the person you want to be with."


"Being a full time mom and full time employee it was hard to find time to dedicate to my health and fitness. With simple, easy meal plans and easily accessible online training along with classes I was able to successfully focus on my health and fitness without trying too hard. It became 2nd nature and with the trainer mapping out when and what to eat, it simplifies life even more. I truly appreciate Forever Fitness for assisting with my weight loss and fitness journey."

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