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Positive brainwashing

Well... it's morning and I've been up for most of it. I guess that's fatherhood, gives me time to think. I love to get into my own head, it allows me to know myself better. It's better than talking to another person because you become brutally honest with yourself. As long as you keep positive thoughts flowing through your mind and are genuinely positive then this process will only make you stronger as a person. Things like this, I wish I knew coming out of high school. It sounds simple but many of miss it, for more reasons than one.... we become so caught up in the negative, let others persuade our way or thinking, or sometimes we are just ignorant. As I said, there are many reasons but those are just some. It's time to break the chains of negative thinking, I know I say this on almost ALL my posts on this blog but that is the #1 rule for me. To get myself in the mindset that I remain in... I've "brainwashed" myself with nothing but positivity. I surrounded myself with only positive "successful" people during the day and go to sleep and wake up to positive motivational speeches daily. Now I'm the product of my environment... the environment I created for myself. This means you could be in the worst of neighborhoods but luckily because of technology, we can better our chances no matter our up bringing.

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